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seems like newground isn't up for me

2014-10-14 14:18:53 by maxdepier

when i uploaded the trololo video , i though i'd be accepted since it's a quality video (meaning there real effort in it and it touk me actually time to make it) but i think there's a general idea around the site that every thing here has to be an animation ,witch is odd

eather way , if you saw the video befoor and want to rewatch it or watch others i made , you can check my youtube channel , since i'm not good anough for newgrounds ....



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2014-10-15 00:08:35

Tom started Newgrounds to host his own creations, which were Flash games and Flash animations. As other people found out, they asked him to put up their animations and games. Newgrounds has always been about animations and games. That's what we cater to here. If it became an "upload your movie" site, then it'd be no different than Youtube or any of the other movie sites, and we'd have kids falling off bikes, people doing burn-outs in their cars, and cats doing ...whatever cats do. Where then would the animation fit in? How would it take center stage? That's why Newgrounds is, and always has been, all about animations and games, exclusively. THAT'S what we do here.

maxdepier responds:

yeah , i totally agree , if i had posted a stupid video of myself talking to the camera , meaning that it has 0 effort put into it , then yes , you 100 % have the right to remove it , because it's garbage .
but when i make my videos , even thou they look real , i use lots of editing and a method called "roto brush" with a really crappy green screen , and record with my webcam because i'm not really some big studio.
anyway ,i use adobe after effect with the "roto brush" too , and please google it , it's basically a tool needed to be used for every frame , so for example ,let's say that "just a bit video" .
(25 sec * 30 frames = 750 frames ) and clicking 750 times on a screen is extremely boring (just like animation ) so i'm not really slaking off and just put some half fast made video.